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General Questions:

What is Lawyer Exchange?

What does it cost to join Lawyer Exchange?

Can the general public use Lawyer Exchange to find a lawyer?

Are you a staffing or recruiting agency?

I am looking for a full-time hire. Can Lawyer Exchange help me?

What fees are paid to Lawyer Exchange?

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Membership Questions:

Who can use Lawyer Exchange?

Can legal professionals who are not lawyers use Lawyer Exchange?

What is a Project/Hiring Lawyer?

Can non-lawyers use Lawyer Exchange to find a lawyer?

I’m a law student - can I join Lawyer Exchange?

Do you confirm a lawyer is fully licensed when they join Lawyer Exchange?

I am a lawyer practicing outside the United States. Can I use Lawyer Exchange?

Is Lawyer Exchange only for young lawyers fresh out of school?

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How does Lawyer Exchange work?

What kind of projects can be posted to Lawyer Exchange?

Do projects on Lawyer Exchange have to be completed remotely?

What if the Hiring Lawyer and Project Lawyer are from different states?

Is there quality control with lawyers using the platform?

How does Liability Insurance work?

How many Project Lawyers can be selected for a project?

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Ethics and Security Questions:

What measures does Lawyer Exchange take in preventing identity theft on the platform?

How does Lawyer Exchange address a potential fee sharing issue between the Project Lawyer and the Hiring Lawyer?

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